Member Profiles



Lachlan Hall

Club President 2020/21

Lachlan is studying mechatronics engineering and working as a systems engineer on the metro tunnel project.

He enjoys videogames and computers.

He describes himself as one of the quiet people in the club.

Lachlan believes that strong leadership is one of the most important things for society.

Rotaract gives him the ability to assist in RYLA and help educate the next generation of leaders.


Caitlin Frost

Club Secretary 2020/21; Club President 2021/22

I’m Caitlin and I am the current club secretary and incoming President!

I am a qualified youth worker and have passions in the fields of mental health, youth homelessness and with the LGBTI+ community.

I love giving back to the community and the networks Rotaract provides.


Matt Carswell

Past President 2016/17; Club treasurer 2018/19 & 2019/20

I am a founding member of the current club and enjoy all aspects of Rotaract whether it be the social or community service side.

My favourite part of the club is being able to give back to places such as the Royal Children’s Hospital who have made a massive impact on my life.


Gresha Maskey

International Chair

Hello! I’m Gresha.

I came into Rotaract to be helpful, and I stayed for the friends I made along the way. My personality is generally wholesome, but I also dabble in the darkside.

Join us we have chips and donuts!


Campbell de Kretser

Past president 2019/20; Public Relations Officer 2020/21& 2021/22

Hi, my name is Campbell and I am currently studying to be a teacher.

I have a passion for science, the environment, and sports.

Rotaract has helped develop my passion for education and service. My favourite part of being in the club is being able to help as many people as possible.


Will Saunders

Hello, I’m Will.

I’m currently working full time at AVAN Caravans building MotorHomes.

I have a huge passion for music and performing arts, and I love video games and electronics.

Rotaract gives me the ability to work on my social skills and become more involved outside.

My parents also met each other in Rotaract years ago so I’m following in their shoes.


Liam Hines

Club Treasurer 2020/21; Club Secretary 2019/20 & 2021/22

My name is Liam and I am many things: a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal.

As a commerce graduate undergoing a Juris Doctor degree while working in government admin, my professional life keeps me busy.

I am thankful I get to spend my spare time as part of Casey-Cardinia Rotaract Club, helping the community alongside great, welcoming, and like-minded people.

Rotaract has been great for my professional and personal development and the presence of cake at meetings makes the charitable work I have had the opportunity to do through Rotaract even sweeter.


Trevor Makuru

Hi, I am Trevor.

I have a passion for wildlife & camping thus the nature of my career as a tour consultant.

I love rock & jazz music, road trips & I also binge a lot of sitcoms.

Rotaract has granted me the opportunity of experiencing diverse cultures, developing my professional skills and widening my network of friends and to top it off reaching out to many communities through various projects.

My favourite part of being in the club is the events & meetings are awesome plus the lovely people that dedicate time & resources to better communities!


Viseshta Chandra

Club Treasurer 2021/2022

Hello, I am Viseshta.

I am currently studying to be a civil engineer. My hobbies are playing table tennis and photography.

Rotaract provides me with the ability to help others and I have made amazing friends on the way.


Prashneel Sharma

District Rotaract Representative 2020/21; Protection Officer 2021/22

Hello All, I am Prash.

At present, I am a student in Mechatronics and on the verge of completing my studies.

I also work part-time and design truck bodies and trailers.

I have been a part of the Casey-Cardinia family since 2018.

On the way, I have made many life-long friends.

Rotaract has allowed me to work in teams as well as bring balance to life by helping one another.

Rotaract meetings allow me to relieve stress and enjoy the company of the members!


Jessica Vidić

Vice President 2021/22

Hi, my name is Jessica and I am currently studying at uni.

I’m involved with our local community as a member of Casey-Cardinia Rotaract, CYAC’s Mentor, a member of Casey’s Inclusive Community Reference Group, and awarded Young Citizen of the year in 2020.

My hobbies are sport, hanging out with friends, and having a great time!


Sarah Mackenzie

Hey there, I’m Sarah.

I work full time, study fitness, and have recently completed my commerce degree.

I joined Rotaract a few years ago after some tough times in my personal life. I was searching for an Avenue where I could do good, soothe the soul, and be an active member of my community.

I found that in Rotaract! I hope to help inspire all sorts of people to get involved, do more for others than just for themselves. Feel good, by helping others feel good.


Arshu Maskey

Hello, my name is Arshu!

I’m currently working in EY as a tech consultant. I was elected as the community service rep leader back in high school. I like singing.

My parents and sister have been my biggest inspiration. Every year as a family we buy and wrap presents, books, stationery, and food items to help the community, especially people in need.

This is why I joined the Rotaract club; I want to continue doing good things and making a difference in this world.