Member Profiles



Lachlan Hall

Club President 2020/21

Lachlan is studying mechatronics engineering and working as a systems engineer on the metro tunnel project.

He enjoys videogames and computers.

He describes himself as one of the quiet people in the club.

Lachlan believes that strong leadership is one of the most important things for society.

Rotaract gives him the ability to assist in RYLA and help educate the next generation of leaders.


Caitlin Frost

Club Secretary 2020/21; Club President 2021/22

I’m Caitlin and I am the current club secretary and incoming President!
I am a qualified youth worker and have passions in the fields of mental health, youth homelessness and with the LGBTI+ community.
I love giving back to the community and the networks Rotaract provides.


Matt Carswell

Past President 2016/17

I am a founding member of the current club and enjoy all aspects of Rotaract whether it be the social or community service side.

My favourite part of the club is being able to give back to places such as the Royal Children’s Hospital who have made a massive impact on my life.


Gresha Maskey

International Chair

Hello! I’m Gresha.
I came into Rotaract to be helpful, and I stayed for the friends I made along the way. My personality is generally wholesome, but I also dabble in the darkside.
Join us we have chips and donuts!